Fashion In Japanese Fashion

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Whenever someone mentions Japan, what would a normal person think of? They could possibly think of their cuisine, anime, or their bustling capital of Tokyo. Yet, when fashion is added to the question, what are the first thoughts? Surely, their traditional clothing of kimonos and yukatas may be the first thought for some, but some might think of the popularized street fashion that they see in the media: the gyaru, lolitas, and genderless kei. Yet, their daily clothing has been adapted to women wearing skirts and men wearing suits. Without a doubt, they are looking like the rest of the world of which the West has influenced; they are no longer one of a kind in terms of modern fashion. In order for them to retrieve their uniqueness in the fashion world, the Japanese branded themselves with their many different styles of fashion, but could not have done so without the strong influence of the media. One of the most recent bang-of-exploding-popularity Japanese fashion styles is the genderless fashion. Genderless fashion can be seen in many different styles, including the street and in high fashion. Particularly, it is most popular in the streets of large Japanese cities. In areas such as Harajuku, it is not uncommon to see the renowned genderless kei and genderless gyaru walking around, and it is slowly becoming a norm for Japanese people to see these types of fashion. British magazine company, i-D, interviewed several people who dress up as genderless, and an individual has have

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