Fast Food Addiction Essay

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In looking below the surface of America’s love affair with fast foods, research finds some revealing manifestations that are propelling increasing obesity rates and are thus pushing us toward a growing health epidemic. The increasingly busy lifestyles of our society along with our overreliance on processed and pre-packaged foods are driving the multi-billion dollar food industry today. The food industries' strategy to optimize profits through mass produced and processed foods is creating physically addictive products similar to tobacco, alcohol and illegal drugs with equally predictable consequences. These products need to be more clearly understood, identified and labeled for their potentially destructive nature to consumers.…show more content…
This paper seeks to put information in the readers hand to help make that determination and to better understand if the problem is significantly driven by the dramatic increase, and availability, of highly processed ingredients specifically used within the fast food delivery system. In order to reach a valid assessment of this situation, this paper will examine how highly processed foods are created and what evidence exists toward making the case for related food addiction and associated health consequences. The focus will then turn toward understanding the nature and psychology of addiction and how this correlates to food consumption, obesity and how this compares to other common addictions in society today. After the technical and psychological foundations are established, the research will turn toward understanding the statistical data associated with fast food; it will also reveal if there is compelling evidence supporting the growing obesity epidemic and fast food consumption. Finally, if a determination for food addiction, driven by processed foods, is validated, this paper will suggest a strategy to acknowledge the issue and propose first steps toward better protecting consumers. The term or idea of processing food is nothing new after all, we process
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