Fast Food Advertisement Regulations

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Zachary Buerkle
November 12, 2012
Is fast food the new tobacco?

Should government further regulate fast food advertisements as done with tobacco advertisements?

On June 22 of 2010, over ten years of intensive planning from the FDA would finally result in the extensive regulation of the $89 billion tobacco industry. Although the newly created laws could not illegalize nicotine or tobacco, the FDA was given vast authority to regulate the ingredients in tobacco products as well as the way they were sold, distributed, and marketed ( Now when viewing a tobacco ad in any form, any individual would obviously be capable of seeing the negatives and health risks of the product. Recently, skeptics have been raising question …show more content…

People want to eat at fast food restaurants and want to blame obesity on the place that they ate.
In the commercials where a buyer is prompted to try a product based on taste, no health claims are made, so one cannot argue that the commercial was misleading regarding health issues. And in all commercials where the food has been portrayed as healthy, servings have to be taken into account. So yes, the recommended servings worth of a number four is healthy If an individual truly wanted to know the nutrition facts of what they are consuming, then they would go to the store website and look it up or simply ask an employee. All necessary nutritional information is provided to the customers with ease of access, but people instead decide to ignore it and complain. Customers, in most circumstances, would rather eat whatever they want than listen to a serving recommendation. And afterward they want to point fingers at the industry itself because eating much more than the recommended servings has made them unhealthy. A McDonalds Whopper, Large Fry, and Large soda would normally be consumed by any person without thought of nutrition amounts or percentiles; However, thirty seconds of research would indicate that this person had just consumed two and a half servings of McDonalds

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