Fast Food Foundations And Its Impact On Society

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Fast Food Foundations Today 's students find great demands placed upon them in their efforts to balance work, school, and leisure. Amitai Etzioni argues in his article Working at McDonald 's[Put article title in quotes.] that high school students holding fast food type jobs gain invaluable[You mean the opposite.] skills, develop immoral behavior, and sometimes lose focus on schoolwork. I personally disagree, as I was one such student who found great value and learned excellent skills in my work at such establishments. Students working part-time jobs will develop an ability to balance work and school, obtain a look into entry-level employment, and have the valuable insights and resources of parental involvement.[excellent introductiion] …show more content…

Large corporate employers demand that procedure-based work is followed through routinely. [Your topic sentences are strong.]This is not just an issue at fast food outfits, as Etzioni suggests, but is present at a majority of entry-level positions. Employees must follow precise directions in filling out corporate forms and ensuring every memo posting is carried exactly. No room is left for improving or creating processes to facilitate workflow; one must trust that the people in the big offices know what they are doing. This sort of blind obedience is common throughout the workforce. [Sad but true!] While it may not be an ideal working environment, it is one that entrylevel professionals do encounter. Striving to excel in such types of work can lead to more creative positions, [32]but only after demonstrating quality work at these lower-level tasks.[I’m loving the way you support your arguments.] Moral values are put to their test for these young employees. Large amounts of cash and products are exchanging hands, and temptation to keep some for themselves is very high. Often the mindset is that because they are underpaid and underappreciated, they deserve a little extra bonus. Working at McDonald 's [quotations]seems to suggest that peer pressure plays a major role in this area. While it is common for young kids to try and fit in, it is not common for a student to steal because others are doing the same. [An interesting claim, but I wonder if you’re

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