Fast Food Globalization

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Jeremy Klee International Business 02W & CRW Research Paper 9/25/13 Globalization has been like an epidemic spreading across the business world in the last few decades. There is no denying that the true pioneers of spreading their business internationally have been the fast food industry. No other industry has had the perfect combination of staying true to its business roots but at the same time adapting themselves to the different countries they operate in better than the fast food industry. No matter where you go in the world you can get a Big Mac and it will taste exactly the same as it does here, but there are also many different options that customers in the United States would have no familiarity with. As will be obvious…show more content…
Many of the fast food chains use test kitchens that they place in different parts of the world and their job is to test different food items that may be put in certain markets (Travel Channel 2013 and John Berman, Mary Marsh). These people are the experts to what flavors or various culture differences of the countries they are trying to make products for. It is important to know that because that is where a lot of the food items shown throughout came from; they are a result of months of rigorous testing. Europe is a continent that is well known for their different varieties of food. It is easy to see that many American fast food chains may have a hard time competing in such a competitive food environment. There are many different cultures that are represented in Europe each that has its own unique food traditions. First thing I got to mention is that all most all fast food restaurants in Europe have wine as a beverage choice others also have beer so that gives a nice transition to France (Travel Channel 2013). France has actually taken quite well too many of the American fast food chains, but they usually want their own unique style to be shown in their foods. Many people may already know that a quarter pounder with cheese in France is called a Royal with cheese, because like many countries of the world France uses the metric system (Susan Nasar). A more unique food item that is offered in French McDonalds is the McBaguette
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