Fast Food Never Forgives?

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Fast Food Never Forgives Throughout the 20th century, the United States grew to be a superpower. They won two world wars, overcame racial persecution, and spread capitalism around the world. Paralleling this success, fast food expanded exponentially and grew to control our nation. Today, the United States develops and evolves at the will of the fast food industry as it has grown to dominate the most powerful country on earth. From practically hiring children to caring about profit margins more than their consumers, fast food has taken advantage of the American population. Beginning in 1921, through the explosion after World War II, and into the modern age, fast food has developed into a multibillion dollar industry that the lives of millions of Americans across the country. In 1921, the first fast food restaurant opened in Wichita, Kansas (Pirello). At the time, the name White Castle, referred to a small yet innovative burger joint deep in Kansas instead of the multibillion dollar corporation and chain that White Castle is today. When the restaurant opened, hamburgers cost only a nickel (Pirello). The restaurant had instant success. It was able to efficiently cook food and distribute it to the customers without waiters therefore reducing the costs of operating dramatically. Although the fist White Caste had pronounced success, it was not “until after World War II when we became a nation of fast food nation” (Pirello). After World War II, fast food began to take over
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