Fat Tax

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Every time you walk into a grocery store you see hundreds of different types of unhealthy foods like chips, cookies, cakes waiting for you to buy and eat. But most people forget that those types of foods are not good for you. Since there is such a huge variety of delicious food items on sale at the store we do not look at the bad consequences that we have to face after eating them. Because of the unhealthy eating habits of citizens in the United States, there has been a drastic increase in obesity. That is why I think that it is very necessary to enforce a fat tax on fatty foods to ensure that all the citizens of the United States are eating healthy foods on a daily basis.

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According to economic help, having a fat tax can help raise revenue for the government. This money will help the government financially and help them make the country a better and efficient place to live. Not only will it help the government, it will help the people in the United States. It will reduce the amount of money spent on healthcare each year. According to CMS (here), our National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE) is projected to hit $3.207 trillion this year. This tells us that Americans spend a lot of money on healthcare. If we add a fat tax on unhealthy foods we can cut down a lot of money that we spend on healthcare. This will not only benefit us it will also ensure that people in the United States are having a healthy and nutritious diet. Besides, there are about eight other countries that have a fat tax and they seem to be doing very well. Their health care cost has gone down and their fitness level has gone up. According to Economics Help, if people are healthy and fit it can actually raise the economy because people will be more active and they will take very few leaves which will increase production. Many people are worried that there will be a loss of jobs if a fat tax is applied, but in reality, it could help the economy and make the people living in the United States

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