Fate And Its Effects On Fate

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Out of all the peculiar happenings and seeming coincidences we are forced to deal with in our curious lives, the existence and potentially powerful effects of fate just may be the single most mysterious and unpredictable of all. In one person’s life, fate may be their right-hand man, a force that makes itself apparent not as a foe, but rather as a friendly figure. Even more so, a figure eager to guide you in the correct direction, allowing your life to flow as smoothly as butter on warm bread. On the other hand, from the mention of another man’s fate may arise thoughts of the countless number of failures he has endured and the not particularly good luck he has possessed. In short, life is like a stack of cards dealt out you at the beginning of a card game. Considering the stacks as fates, there are a countless number of possibilities. Nonetheless, there is one thing that is for certain: If you despise your own fate, your fate will learn to despise you. Take Shakespeare’s classic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, a quintessential and at often times cliché tale of two lovestruck teenagers willing to obliterate anything in the path of their “true” love. Right from the first several lines of the play, we are enthralled by descriptions of a feud between two respected families of Verona. Although, the true conflict in the story does not set in until the star-crossed lovers set eyes on each other at Lord Capulet’s party. From this moment on, a cat-and-mouse game ensues with the sole
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