Fate : Fate And Fate

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In The Oedipus Cycle, fate plays a large role in each character 's destiny. Oedipus is told at a young age that he is doomed to murder his father when he is older. Antigone, trying to give a proper burial to her brother kills herself once she is caught. The main characters in Oedipus Rex and Antigone are doomed to face their bleak future because it is in their fate to do so. They are both destined for a tragic end. Although the audience is aware of Oedipus’ future, his tragic flaw is not outwardly known. The idea of fate and prophecy serves to shed light onto the flaws of each character that ultimately lead to their downfall. In both plays, fate functions as a divulgence into the future that the character 's are better off not knowing. Each character 's knowledge of their fate causes him to act out erratically, and eventually lead to his downfall. In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus makes decisions that further the unraveling of his fate. For example, when trying to avoid the murder of his thought to be father, Oedipus ends up setting himself up for his cursed future. His decision to leave Corinth only solidifies his fate. Fate and prophecy are tied together in Oedipus Rex. When Tiresias speaks of a prophecy, it is known to come true, even if the characters do not believe it at first. This can be seen when Jocasta first hears of Oedipus ' grim prophecy. She believes that it holds no truth because of her past experience with them. Although at certain points in the play, it

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