Fate In The Iliad, The Greek Hero, Fate, And Fate?

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When a Greek hero comes to mind, the average person thinks of a perfect being with divine capabilities. A hero is also depicted as a warrior who defies all odds and claims victorious in the end. When Greek literature is read, one may find that to be very untrue. Throughout Greek literature, fascinating stories are written depicting many heroes fighting glorious battles and traveling across the known world. Just like the Greek Gods and Goddesses, the heroes have many flaws that often position themselves for death. Despite their capabilities, fate claims the last laugh. Heros are meant to fight and die and nothing can stop this demise. In this paper, examples of how heroes kneel to fate and how the Gods honor fate in Homer’s story of the Iliad and the Odyssey will be compared and analysed.
During the Trojan war, a lot of heroes, Gods, and goddesses were involved. Despite divine intervention, the great heroes Achilles and Hector meet their end. The fate of Achilles and Hector were actually unintended. The Trojan war was selfishly started because Paris, the prince of Troy, stole Helen of the Greeks. Agamemnon, the king the Greeks, hates Achilles because he refuses to take orders from him. In the beginning of the war, Achilles is slightly motivated for glory but soon loses interest in fighting. Achilles doesn't dislike Hector and finds no further reason to fight him or the Trojans. In fact, he actually prays against the Greeks and for the Trojans. Achilles doesn't really care

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