Fatherhood In Same Sex Marriage

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The role of fatherhood has always been seen as a secondary role to motherhood when it comes to the nurturing and parenting aspect of newborns, children, adolescents, and young adults. Many society norms view fathers as unfit to be the main care taker of children because of the bond and natural instinct that a women have with children. As society advances, the societal norms and gendered positions of masculinity are changing the world’s perspective of homosexual fatherhood. The roles of viewing fatherhood as an important aspect of a children’s development as we examine the shifting changes of fathers being the main caregiver in same sex couples. Although, same sex marriages have been legal in the United States since 2015 but this as not stopped same sex couples being caregivers to children before legalization of same sex marriage. Roadblock to obtain fatherhood has been seen throughout laws and policies, expression of an individuals’ own sexuality, and societal norms. As we examine in our culture fatherhood, we are able to see the positive benefits on children to have a homosexual male couple as fathers. Barriers in fatherhood for homosexual couples Homosexual male couples have been seen within our history has having some of the largest challenges to overcome when it comes to having a family and have their family be seen a legitimate. One of the largest barrier is the perception that society has on males wanting to adopt. It has been reported that “more than half of gay

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