Fatigue And Its Effects On The Aviation Industry

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Fatigue is defined my people in many different ways. The definition I like is, Fatigue is the state of feeling very tired, weary or sleepy resulting from insufficient sleep, prolonged mental or physical work, or extended periods of stress or anxiety. (“Fatigue 2012”). Fatigue plays a major role in today’s workplace safety and always has. It exists every day in every workplace and if not confronted could be catastrophic to the person or others. In this research we take a look at one industry in particular that is effected enormously by fatigue and that’s the aviation industry. Within the research it will discuss the safety concerns that are prevalent when fatigue is present, possible reasons why fatigue occurs in aviation, what is being done to lessen the effects of fatigue in the aviation industry, and what organizations and management could do differently to control fatigue even more.
It is no secret that fatigue can come in different forms: physical, mental, and emotional. Physical fatigue can bring about muscle soreness, oxygen debt, or extreme tiredness caused by sleep deprivation, illness, or poor nutrition. Emotional fatigue resulting from performing undesirable tasks, sometimes under challenging conditions such as lack of proper tools, inadequate lighting, and meeting completion deadlines in terms of time, may affect the degree of high levels of focus and concentration associated with complex tasks and create mental fatigue. The mental

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