Fda Approved Drugs: Do Risks Outweigh Benefits?

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FDA Approved Drugs: Do risks outweigh benefits? Among all of the ailments that are a part of everyday life there is a necessity for remedies from big too small. But in the end are the potential risks and hazards of these medicines worth the questionable outcome. This is the question you must ask yourself, for yourself and your family. “A drug is removed from the market when its risks outweigh its benefits. A drug is usually taken off the market because of safety issues with the drug that cannot be corrected, such as when it is discovered that the drug can cause serious side effects that were not known at the time of approval. However, completely removing a unique product from the market could be very dangerous to people who depend on …show more content…

During this phase the drug is considered and the talk of different dosage, patients and longevity of use is looked over. After phase three the drug is written up again in as a new drug application and is filed to the FDA in which they have 60 days to review and submit in order for this drug to get out. Following there are different steps of approval determining the severity of need for the drug and its underlying benefits. In most cases it will take some time and scrutinizing of the FDA’s review team before the drug can be released, but under certain circumstances drugs may be approved for release without the sponsors showing its safety and true effectiveness. This process is called “accelerated approval” in which if there are very few cures for a certain disease or none at all then a drug can be approved for use, it will be reviewed and possibly withdrawn but just the act of allowing such a thing to occur yet again should not sit well with most. The most recent example of this would be studies shown of Chronic Myeloid Leukemia in which they released a drug that barely passed phase two. They call it in these dire circumstances a “surrogate endpoint” almost as if the patient is already dying so the outcome, good or bad is ok as long as they see the effectiveness of this drug. In concluding the process of review it appears that there is a great system of checks and balances and a great deal of care put in to the

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