Feasibility Of A Small Scale Natural Grass Fed Cattle Ranch

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Summary The final chapter summarizes the research problem, data collection methodology, and the analysis of the data supporting this feasibility study. The research conclusions will provide awareness of the feasibility supporting the final recommendations concerning a small-scale natural grass-fed cattle ranch in North Platte, Nebraska. The purpose of this research is to determine the feasibility of starting a small-scale cattle ranch, focused on raising natural grass-fed cattle in North Platte, Nebraska. The research examines operating costs associated with small-scale natural grass-fed cattle operations to determine the profitability and sustainability of a small-scale natural grass-fed cattle ranch. Chapter 1 defined the research problem, the purpose of the study, provided definitions, assumptions and limitations to the study, and presented four research questions for this feasibility study: 1. What are the operating costs associated with raising natural grass-fed cattle? 2. Can the North Platte area sustain a natural grass-fed cattle ranch? 3. Will direct or on-line sales produce more revenue? 4. Will the cattle ranch be profitable within five years? Chapter 2 reviewed literature gathered by the researcher to conduct the feasibility study. This literature examines 10 aspects of establishing and operating a natural grass-fed cattle ranch. Scholarly research indicated that cattle breed, land management, and disease control are the three most

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