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Feasibility Study

Establishment of Starbuck Coffeehouses in Afghanistan

Team One
Hasibullah Dehzad
Sahar Sulaimankhail
Fariha Baheer
Hamidullah Rafiyi
MGT 540, Section 2
Major Assignment
Professor Christopher Henderson
December 19, 2014
Executive Summery 3
Introduction 4
1 Research Methodology 5
1.1 Statement of the Problem and Significance of the Study 5
1.2 Scope of the study 5
1.3 Objectives of the study 5
1.4 Data collection 5
1.5 Sample 5
1.6 Data Analysis 6
2 Risk Factors 7
2.1 Primary Risk Factors 7
3 Market Analysis of Starbuck Coffee Shops 8
3.1 Coffee Shops Demand Analysis 8
3.2 SWOT Analysis 8
3.2.1 Strength 8
3.2.2 Weaknesses 8
3.2.3 Opportunities 9
3.2.4 Threats 9
3.3 Market Analysis Summary 9
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In terms of the legal formation of such a company in Afghanistan, Starbucks have the options to:
Register the company in Afghanistan and establish its branches in big cities of Afghanistan;
Give the franchise to one of local companies who have the ability and capacity to handle the works property.

In this report the team has worked on the risk factors, market analysis, SWOT analysis, and financial feasibility for establishing Starbucks coffeehouses in Afghanistan. As per the market analysis which has been conducted, it is clear that there is demand for coffee shops in the big cities; therefore, we tried to assess the advantages and disadvantages of staring the business in big cities of Afghanistan.

1 Research Methodology

1.1 Statement of the Problem and Significance of the Study
An investigation commissioned by Starbucks Corporation into the possibility of establishing Starbucks about establishing coffeehouses in Afghanistan. 1.2 Scope of the study
The scope of the study is limited to Afghanistan big cities more specific selective target locations.

1.3 Objectives of the study
1. To assess the profitability and feasibility of establishing Starbucks coffeehouses in Afghanistan
2. To assess the demand and ability of people for buying Starbucks products

1.4 Data collection
The data required for the study were collected from both primary and secondary sources. The primary data were collected from the
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