Febrile Case Studies

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A woman goes to the pediatric Eemergency Ddepartment with her four-month old daughter following her pediatrician’s phone recommendation. The infant has been extremely irritable and has not been breastfeeding as usual for the past 24 hours. The mother’s last three attempts to feed the baby were followed by vomiting of whitish, serous fluid. The perinatal history is unremarkable and she received antenatal care. The patient was born by spontaneous vaginal delivery with no complications. Apgar scores were 8, and 9 at 1 and 5 minutes of life. The patient is up to date with her vaccines. Prior to this event, she could raise her chest while lying on her stomach, follow moving objects and smile at the sound of her mother’s voice; she could babble and imitate facial expressions. Physical examination is significant for an ill-looking and irritable…show more content…
Urine culture is generally required to establish a diagnosis of UTI. However, cultures obtained from urine in a sterile bag attached to the perineum have a high rate of false positives hence are not suitable for this purpose.
Choice "C" is not the best answer. Although febrile seizures should be anticipated during febrile illnesses, the priority should be to diagnose and treat the disease that is causing fever to prevent febrile seizures.
Choice “D” is not the best answer. Doxycycline is an antibiotic of the tetracycline class. It is effective against atypical bacteria, such as in chlamydia infections and atypical pneumonia. It Doxycycline is also used against protozoa, such as in early lLyme disease, syphilis, and rickettsial illnesses, but it. It is not effective in for UTIs.
Choice "E" is not the best answer. Imaging studies are not indicated for patients with first episodes of cystitis or without voiding difficulties, abdominal mass, or a prompt response to treatment (72 hours). If a renal and/or bladder ultrasound is indicated, it should be performed after the UTI has been
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