Primary Prevention Of Uti / Health Promotion

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This paper is a summary of a community teaching done in the city of Georgetown Texas . The target population is a church community of mainly older people from the age of 50 years and above. The topic taught was “Primary Prevention of UTI/Health Promotion”. This teaching lasted for about 30 minutes. The objectives of the teaching were that the church community will understand what urinary tract infection (UTI) means, causes of urinary tract infection, primary ways of preventing UTI, and health promotion. At the end of the teaching peoples understanding of the teaching was assessed and evaluated. Few barriers were encountered during teaching but was also addressed. The teaching theory used for this teach was a teach back…show more content…
The epidemiological rationale for this teaching is that “nearly 1 in 3 women will have had at least 1 episode of UTI requiring antimicrobial therapy by the age of 24 years. Almost half of all women will experience 1 UTI during their lifetime” (Foxman, 2003). According to Robichaud and Blondeau (2008), in the community setting, the rate of Urinary tract infection accounts for 24% of all diagnosed infections, followed by respiratory tract infections. It is the most common infection reported in long term care facilities too. I also choose this topic because i take care of kids who have also been treated of UTI which also reoccurs. The church community was taught that the urinary tract infection can be prevented primarily by one drinking plenty of liquids especially water, by always wiping from front to back after using the rest room. Emptying the bladder when full and bladder should also be emptied soon after intercourse. They were taught to avoid potentially irritating feminine products. Appropriate treatment of medical conditions such as incontinence, cystocele, prostatic hypertrophy, bacterial prostatitis, bladder diverticuli e.t.c will help in the prevention of urinary tract infection. Some birth controls like diaphragm may cause urinary tract infection for some people and this birth control method should be change. Also catheter associated urinary tract infection can be prevented by the use and maintaining of sterile
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