Fed Up Research Paper

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“More people will die from obesity than starvation.” Many people are gaining excess weight that ultimately results into Obesity.This is a big controversy because obesity has become one of the most known reasons for cancer and many other illnesses. It’s even affecting children. According to the American Heart Association, the percentage for child obesity raised to about 18.4% ranging from children as young as 2 and older. After watching the documentary, Fed Up, by Katie Couric, it is revealed that the reason percentages for Obesity is rising is due to the fact that many become addicted to sugar, the amount of calorie intake, and etc. Sugar addiction sources from industries that finds interest in high profit and less interest on the health of…show more content…
The World Health Organization’s particular purpose is to help build a better, and more healthier future for more than 150 countries, working side by side with the government and other participants to ensure that everyone remains healthy. Nevertheless, How can such a world known, life changing organization ensure this if they partner up with sugary filled companies like Coca-Cola. The average american consumes about 22.2 teaspoons of sugar. The WHO organization's advertises that americans should take about a fraction of that amount. The amount of sugar in Coca-cola is about 40 grams, which is about 10 teaspoons. If the World Health Organization really wanted to advocate for health in America they wouldn’t be partnering up with a company that factors in the very reason that many people will become sick and…show more content…
Andrea Randall, mother of Wesley Randall states, “ It cost more to eat healthier, so we slip, because it’s easier to buy things with sugar in it, it’s easier to buy chips, because it’s cheaper. With the choices and creations of many foods, like McDonalds with their dollar menu, and KFC with their 7 different choices of food for 19.99, people usually go with what saves them money. “Do not give up on dinner,” “I’m loving it”, “Finger licking good,” “It’s way better than fast foods, it’s wendy’s,” these are the slogans that's been embedded into the culture of America that reels and encourages many people to go and buy the food that is not only delicious but inexpensive as
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