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Cooking Grass Fed Beef

While grass-fed beef typically has a much deeper flavor than grain-fed, it's important to keep in mind these six simple cooking tips to help ensure the finished product results in the best tasting and most enjoyable meal possible.

1.) Learn to love a medium temperature or less. Because grass-fed cows get to happily graze their pastures each day, these cows tend to develop thicker muscle fibers through more movement and exercise. The more you cook the meat, the more this added thickness can result in a less tender bite. While the same problem can be had with grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef can get there faster. Beef cooked to a medium temperature should read about 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

2.) Go low and slow if you prefer well-done. For those who shy away from pink in the center of their cuts of meat, low and slow is a great option for getting the benefits of a grass-fed cut of meat, but still cooking it all the way through. Lowering the cooking temperature while
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While you won't have problems with toughness when cooking ground grass-fed beef to a well-done temperature, you may have issues with dryness due to its lower fat content. Try adding high water content vegetables like onions, shredded zucchini or shredded carrot to items like burgers to introduce more moisture back into the meat while also contributing added flavor.

Keep in mind that grass-fed beef can be prepared in any way that conventional grain-fed cuts can. Whether grilled, smoked, baked or pan-fried, consider grass-fed a healthier and often more flavorful replacement to your favorite recipes.

Grass-fed beef through sources like Mount Pleasant Beef continues to take over a greater market share in supermarkets and refrigerators, and for good reason. Whether you use ground beef periodically, or you live for steak and ribs, grass-fed provides a healthier and more conscious way to enjoy the foods you
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