No Child-Left Behind Act

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In the Federal government’s role in education, I think it can be seen in the “No Child Left Behind Act” that the Federal Government has set down certain educational guidelines for the states to follow. These guidelines should provide the Federal government from the states with information such as student achievements, performance by school districts; test performed by students in grades 3 through 8, and ensures that teachers meet minimum qualifications for teaching, to get federal funding from the Federal government. I think that in one way, it could be construed as within the federalism’s constitutional framework, in that the Federal government is making sure that for the states to receive federal help that they must follow certain…show more content…
Sweden is the only country that scored higher.
Yet many Americans are being left behind. The same survey found that between 21% and 24% of U.S. adults performed at the lowest level for all three scales, a figure echoed by the National Adult Literacy Survey (NALS). I think that the State and Federal Government ought to work closer together to ensure a better education for all Americans. Reference:
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