Fedex Swot Analysis

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S.W.O.T. Analysis Company Strengths and Resource Capabilities: Globalism: Federal Express operates on a global scale. They operate in 211 countries. They provide services that appeal to most of the world. They have such a large market in which to operate, and thus realize tremendous revenues. They can also achieve global economies of scale. Innovation: Federal Express took airplanes and trucks and used them differently than any other company before them. This is innovation. They have first-mover advantage in name recognition because of this innovation. This has helped them to remain the industry leader since 1973. Technology and Communication: Federal Express uses and continues to search for new technology. They allow spending of …show more content…

Time will tell. Company Opportunities: Expansion Globally: Federal Express can continue to expand globally, including the other companies under FDX. Expansion Internally: Federal Express can continue to acquire more companies, and expand into new technologies or areas in their industry. Run Subsidiaries Together: If FDX doesn’t profit from running the subsidiaries separately, they can change to integrating their operations to achieve better synergies and economies of scale. Contracts with Large Corporations: To stay the industry leader, Federal Express should form contracts with companies who will add cost-saving or value-adding benefits to their services. Joint-Ventures: Federal Express can form joint ventures, such as already with Netscape and American Express, to enjoy the growth of integrating their customer bases. Expansion of e-commerce: Federal Express already has a major presence of shipping online. They should keep finding Internet companies to contract delivery of their products. Since the growth of e-commerce is rapid now, Federal Express could enjoy both profits and brand name recognition from this kind of expansion. Company Threats: Y2K Problem: If Federal Express’ communication and tracking systems aren’t actually Year 2000 ready, they will experience lost shipments, lost customers, and lost profits. This is a threat for every business, but a global company will be affected on a larger scale. Community Responsibility in the U.S.:

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