Female And Female Attitudes Towards Female Managers

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In this research we are examining the relationship between male and female attitudes towards female mangers, gender identity and their career aspiration. In order to do this research, we had to collect data from 89 females and 87 male’s students of organisational learning and development, also we had to compare what factors are strongly impacting on the attitudes towards female managers. This research will analyse the correlation between the male and female scores for acceptance, ability, aspiration, masculinity and femininity of the attitudes of male and female towards female managers. The result of the research shows that there are significant differences between male’s and female’s attitudes towards female managers due to many …show more content…

however, there are many significant barriers that impact on female managers in attaining top level of managerial position, these barriers include political, economical, legal and cultural factors which will limit their entry to high management positions. From the research of (Bem 1974) it shows that both femininity and masculinity scale is believed to be containing 20 percent of personal characteristics of the male and female, these characteristics are believing to be based on the sex-typed social adorability. Past research of (Cortis and Cassar 2005) indicates that there is no significant difference between male and female attitudes towards female manager job involvement, they state that female managers have a strong commitment towards their job similarly to male managers. However, it also indicates that there are two issue which concerns female managers, such as ageing and martial status, where 50 percent of female managers prefers to be younger then their male team members and they strongly prefer to be single. Further more (Cortis and Cassar 2005) research shows that males and females have significant difference in attitudes towards female managers, where females have favourable

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