The Role Of Gender And External Environment On Career Decisions And Professional Growth

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I strongly agree and feel that the gender and external environment greatly affect your career decisions and professional growth. No doubt current generation is in much better circumstances when we analyze growth from external factors and gender perspective, however, there is still a huge gap. Genders, their roles in society are still greatly affected by societal norms and culture. People still subconsciously measure and judge performance of people based on gender and their roles defined in society. A woman at a higher designation when comes home late, travel frequently for work is often not appreciated and judged as a person who does not care much about family and such responsibilities on the other hand a male member doing so is…show more content…
In an environment where the behaviours expected are still male dominated, female-specific communication can be interpreted negatively (Patel, G., 2013).
Also, women do experience a strong gender bias when being considered for promotions on both their level of performance as well as their potential impact. Moreover, unfortunate assumptions are sometimes made about women’s ambitions and abilities. Research has shown that women do not excel sufficiently in their career due to assumptions about their ambitions such as them having less ambition and a lesser commitment due to family responsibility. Yet, in reality women and men hardly differ in their ambitions. Furthermore, women struggle with so-called second generation gender biases, which are “powerful yet often invisible barriers to women’s advancement that arise from cultural beliefs about gender, as well as workplace structures, practices, and patterns of interactions that inadvertently favour men”. (Patel, G., 2013, pp. 10)
I being a woman and an Asian had my fair share of similar experiences too. I have been impacted by external environment and my own thoughts when it came to professional decisions. Even though I have full support of my husband and my family from the start, I still at times feel pressurized due to external environment to make some decisions or external factors forced my

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