Female Artists and Sexual Objectification in Contemporary Songs and Videos

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Female artists and sexual objectification in contemporary songs and videos "Sex sells" is concomitantly one of the most common and disturbing expressions in the contemporary society. The music industry is a place where sex has actually sold millions of records and where many artists were forced to employ more 'sexual' attitudes in order to really be appreciated by their fans. The sad truth is that it is very difficult for an artist to be appreciated if he or she does not use values that are generally appreciated by music consumers. Many artists have proved this argument to be wrong, but their number is much smaller in comparison to the ones who used sex as a main tool to sell their records. Some artists today actually take advantage of how the masses respond to sexual images and simply promote stereotypes without actually being experienced in the field of work that they are involved in. Many mediocre singers become great overnight because they focus on having the public associate them with extremely sexual messages. This is surely worrying when considering that TV programs such as MTV often fail to understand that it is wrong for them to promote musicians simply because their lyrics and videos are sexual and thus draw significant attention from the public. The masses need to acknowledge that fame is a concept that most artists are looking for, especially when considering conditions in the present day society. Material values have come to dominate people's lives and
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