Female Athletes

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When thinking of competitive athletes, do names such as Cynthia Cooper, or Billie
Jean King come to mind? If not, then that may be due to the fact that those people are female athletes. That’s right, they exist, and they’re just as capable on any field, court or rink as any male athlete. It is no secret that men have always been viewed as the dominant athletes and anyone saying otherwise was wrong. However, the signing of Title IX in 1972 has contributed to the change of this common view. Title IX mandated all institutions receiving federal funding to fund athletics for both men and woman. As put in the article, Title IX and the Growth of Women’s Athletics,“ Title IX has proved an invaluable ally in the in the promotion of women’s athletics.” Following the signing of this law, was an exponential increase rate of female athletes. …show more content…

One such person is Gilles Simon, a French tennis player. Simon told the press that “men’s tennis is ahead of women’s tennis” and “men spend twice as long on court as women do at Grand Slams.” Simon believed that men should make more money than women, seeing that men “provide a more attractive show” according to the French tennis player.
Despite this statement, it was shown that more viewers tuned in for the Women’s Tennis Championship Final at the U.S. Open than the Men’s final. One common argument about women athletics is that they are not capable of performing at the same competitive level as men. But as proved by Billie Jean King’s victory over Bobby Riggs in 1973, maybe it’s the men that need to step up their game. According to an excerpt from Jennifer Gilhool’s article, “She beat Bobby to the ball, dominated the net and ran him around the baseline to the point of near

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