Gender Inequality Within Sports And Sports

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All women athletes worked extremely hard to get where they are now, but with gender inequality in sports their hard work will go to waste. Gender inequality is unlawful because of Title IX, a law that was passed in 1972, that banned gender discrimination in sports (Buzuvis and Newhall). Even though it is against the law, many colleges and sports associations still give unfair benefits to men’s sports, such as more opportunities, better fields, higher salaries, etc, and are not getting punished for it. There were many cases when the women’s team made many times more money than the men’s team, and received millions of dollars less (Walters). Though it is against the law, the main reason that women are being discriminated against is the …show more content…

This inequality in colleges leads into sports jobs too. One major example is when the Women’s Soccer Team won the FIFA World Cup and gathered heaps more fans and audience, producing $20 million more than the men. The men obtained $6 million more and lost in the first round (Shalby). Not only are the players getting discriminated against, the female coaches are too. Only 3 percent of men’s teams coaches are women and less than half of the coaches for women’s sports are women coaches. In addition to that women’s coaches get paid less than men’s coaches, therefore this number is gradually decreasing (Walker and Baldwin). This shows that gender inequality not only affects the women playing the sport but also the women whose job it is to help them. Many people believe that gender inequality in sports is caused by lack of participation. However it is shown that 40 percent of sport and physical activity participants are women (Collins). They also feel that the reason for lack of participation is because society is sending out negative stereotypes that say women should not participate in sports for amusement (Wilde). The media is the one who is sending that stereotype out. Media are the ones that are pointing out that women should not want to be athletic and play in sports, and that they should only exercise so they look good. The media is saying that sports are for men not women. Sports are too masculine for women and women should be acting more

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