Female Guppies

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Riann Anderson and Madison Lash based their presentation of an article titled, Female Guppies with Bigger Brains Pick more Attractive Guys. The article hypothesized that the females with the bigger brains would choose males with the larger fins, more color, and one with the elaborate dances. “In order for you( in reference to the female guppies) you have to have a level of large brain power”, said Lash. The idea of females choosing the more attractive male correlates to the scientific concept of sexual selection, the idea that mates choose particular traits because those will help them in the environment. A great deal of the females with bigger brains wanted the more attractive mates, because essentially the more aesthetically pleasing males…show more content…
In regards to the social information being a factor, if some females saw their other female counterparts swimming toward an attractive male, they too would swim toward the attractive male. Another goal researchers had in mind was to show that females with bigger brains and smaller, do not differ in their ability to perceive color. How the researchers proceeded with this concept was through interbreeding. Five generations of breeding allowed researchers to study brain sizes that differed 13 percent. After the interbreeding, 36 large brained females and 36 small brained females were dropped into separate, small white tanks to see how they responded to colors they saw. The researchers pinpointed their question through these tests: optomor circling,compass reaction, nystagmic reaction, and zero motivation. The optomotor circling was used to view the visual performance of guppies, the compass reaction was the idea that if a female guppie turned herself to the color and the direction of the color, she would go toward that. Nystagmic reaction was following the color back and forth and realizing it was there. And finally there was Zero motivation, which determined if she was going to swim toward the
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