The Evolution Of Desire By David M. A Brief Essay

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The book I chose is titled The Evolution Of Desire by David M. Buss In this book the author explores the concepts of human mating in general, and breaks down what separates the men from women in terms of mating desires. He strives to understand what each gender uses to find, acquire and ultimately keep a mate. The author theorizes that the origin of today 's human mating behavior is directly linked to our evolutionary past. Some of thee main points were that while women prefer a older, healthy and intelligent man who is ambitious, with high social status and strongly built. Most men on average simply prefer young, physically attractive woman. According to the author the information stems from the most massive study of human mating behaviors ever done. The author cites the information taken from a survey of over 10,000 people of varying ages all over the world to create his theories about men and women 's desires in mates, and why they desire what they do. The first few chapters discuss in depth both the general rules for mate selection and the differences in mate selection and varying preferences for male and female genders. As explained in the intro the author theorizes that the current behavior of humans in relation to mating behavior can be linked to our evolutionary past. He references Charles Darwin 's theory of evolution and his idea of natural selection, which is the the process through which organisms adapt to their environment and in doing so tend to

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