Family Integrity In America

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It is in the traditional values of family integrity that there are stereotypical views on families of all kinds: single parents, divorced families, families without children, families same sex. Homosexuality, heterosexuality and transgenderism are highly pressured in aspects related to heterosexual marriage such as marriage, childbirth, and the resulting pressures on kinship. At the beginning of the piece.
The essay was opened by a personal note of the author, describing himself as a middle-aged man parking outside his parents in San Francisco, California, who is about to step inside and explain to his parents that he is really gay. The idea of 'family values' is introduced by talking about its use in the Republican Party and its use and definition of the majority of immigrants living in the United States. The author goes on to outline that understanding the value of the world family has very different meanings based on the country of origin. He explained that the American idea of "family values" was in which children left home, lived alone, and learned to make a distinctive difference in their parents. America is a country rooted in ideas that question power and break away from the idea that you do not always represent where you are. The author goes on to explain that if the US is supposed to have sex, it would certainly be male; It is a country built on the ideas that power and independence are among the best ideas that one can master. Feminism and all its changes have

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