Feminism Is An Individual Word With One Meaning

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The word is feminism. People believe feminism is just an individual word with one meaning. Feminism is not the face of one sex, sexuality, race, or culture. There are a variety of feminist groups that are targeting different views, but with the same potential goal, equality. We should acknowledge feminism because we live in a patriarchy society, which consists men hold the positions of power. A writer for Huffington Post stated that feminism is, “The purpose is to create a society of equal say, to provide people with the freedom of choice, rather than limited choices of assumption.” (Cavanagh, “Why We Still Need Feminism”) Most men are too focused about feminism being sexism and women are not choosing to identify themselves as feminist, instead of supporting politically, socially, and economically rights for equality of both sexes.
During the late 19th and 20th centuries, was the debut of first-wave or generation of feminism. The first-wave focused on gaining women’s right to vote. Second-wave feminism debuted in the early 1960s and advanced into the 1990s. It focused on family, sexuality, work, beauty ideals, abortion, capitalism, and patriarchy. Furthermore, this wave of feminism has been described by Catherine Redfern as “Women’s liberation… [is an] incredibly influential [era, as it achieved successes such as] equal rights legislation, welfare services for women, [and] women studies courses…” (8) In contrast, the second-wave of feminism appealed to women of color and…
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