Feminism : The Black Ceiling, Sexual Violence And Domestic Violence

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Feminism has been around for centuries. The idea of feminism is always changing. Negative stereotypes seemed to have discredited what it really means to be a feminist. With many problems facing women for the past two centuries, we are starting to make huge strides. The most common problems women and feminists are facing in the United States today are, what being a feminist really means, the gender pay gap, the glass ceiling, sexual violence and domestic violence “Feminism is the belief in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes,” (clio history, 1). Many stereotypes that relate to feminism are either crazy women or women that hate men and believe that women should dominate the world. But in reality, feminism is for both sexes to be equal. Women do not want to take over men, it is simply to be equal in pay, jobs, and in society. With these negative stereotypes that a majority of people believe, the only way to keep feminism alive and active is to shut down these stereotypes and include men in the overall cause. “Men are essential allies in the feminist struggle and have much to gain when they too move beyond stereotyped gender roles; women can not and should not do it alone,” (clio history, 1). Feminism are seen through waves. These waves are big movements in women’s rights throughout history. The first wave was in Seneca Falls, New York in 1848. Elizabeth Stanton, a mother and wife, invited four friends for tea and started the first women’s rights activist

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