Femme Fatale Rhetoral Analysis

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For the Rhetoric in Practice project, I created an online website called learn2femmefatale, which looks at the basics of being a Femme Fatale. Following the idea behind a article on doing a workout, the website had to follow genre convention of the website and the Femme Fatale. The focus of the website is towards women between the ages of 18 and 55. For website conventions, an HTC blog talks about the basic website genre conventions, which require a Logo in the top left, an easy navigation, and clearly defined buttons and links. Keeping with these guidelines, I researched Femme Fatale traits and following the mensfitness web site, was listed out in concise sentences that explained the different parts. John Blaser talks about the main points to the femme fatale, describing, “She exudes a unique sexuality, which she uses to define herself and manipulate men”. I chose noir color scheme for the website. The age of Film Noir was a time of female empowerment, helps reach out to women looking to break free. I also included famous actresses in their roles of playing various types of femme fatale. This provides examples for the female target audience to follow as well-known role models that succeed in their roles. Finally, visual examples of what a Femme Fatale look like are weaved into the website. This helps cement ideas about the audience should be aiming for, while makes it easier to see the noir, and implied strength of becoming a femme fatale. Following these
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