Video Games And Its Effects On Female Characters

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Throughout the world women are depicted to be oversexualized among forms of media such as video games and comic books. The idea of oversexualization towards female characters is that they have been often drawn and animated in hypersexual ways. Even going as far as viewing them as a sex object, their revealing body images are eye candy through the eyes of men. Hence women found in comic books and video games are frequently emphasized by their excessive physical appearances, objectification, portrayal, and character role.
So, what does oversexualize mean anyway? The term oversexualize defines as to sexualize excessively, which means to make something of sexual that is beyond degree— in this case, a person or someone of a gender whether male or female can be oversexualized. To begin with, costumes that female characters wear are far more or less provocative clothes, but mainly towards sexually explicit ways. For example, Ivy Valentine comes from a video game series called Soul Calibur who is the first character to have a revealing outfit and in which her costumes appears to be a dominatrix style. Furthermore, she shows a huge amount of cleavage with her exposed thighs and hips despite wearing high boots and long gloves which indicates to be a skin display. This brings us to our next reason about body types. The women’s appearances we see in media have been designed to become a perfect ideal and yet their massive breasts are exaggeratedly drawn to be in the size of basketballs

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