Fences, Play by August Wilson: Review of The Main Character, Troy

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Essay on August Wilson’s play Fences by Melanie Jung Troy does not want to accept the changes in the world because that would cause him to accept the death of his own dreams. After reading the play carefully it becomes pretty obvious to me that Troy, the main character in the play, a black African – American, father of two children, cannot accept the changes in the world. That is, in my opinion, the reason why he tries to fence in his family. Especially Cory, by not giving him the chance to become a successful sports player and he also can’t accept that someone is able to live as a musician like his son Lyons wants to. The storyline plays in America, in 1957, where the blacks began to stand up for their…show more content…
Troy: I done seen a hundred niggers play baseball better than Jackie Robinson. Hell, I know some teams Jackie Robinson couldn’t even make! What you talking about Jacky Robinson. Jacky Robinson wasn’t nobody. I’m talking about if you could play ball then they ought to have let you play. Don’t care what colour you were. Come telling me I come along too early. If you could play . . . then they ought to have let you play. Troy’s excuse of his attitude is that he does not want his sons to make the same disappointing experience he had to make. In the end of Act One, Scene Four, Troy makes his position clear and acts as a destroyer of dreams. Cory: Papa done went up to school and told Coach Zellman I can’t play football no more. Wouldn’t even let me play the game. Told him to tell the recruiter not to come. After a fight in Act Two, Scene Four, Cory runs away in almost the same manner Troy did it when he was only fourteen years old, where he had a big fight with his own father as well. But the difference between him and Cory is that Cory is not going to end up in jail like Troy did. He goes to the Marine and becomes a military man. We can see another example of Troy’s stubbornness in Act One, by the end of Scene One. What we see is that he cannot trust on Lyons, Troy’s oldest son by his previous marriage. Lyons begs him several times for money, usually on
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