Fenella Character Analysis

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Efie and Colina are half-sisters. The girls were born to Fenella, a strikingly beautiful woman. Fenella was married to Wallace, Laird of Inverness and the father of Efie. He fell ill one day and withered in a week due to a mysterious disease. The Lair was soon succeeded by Derek, Wallace’s younger brother. Love blossomed between Fenella and Derek, something which did not come as a surprise to the members of the clan. Soon their union bore Fenella another daughter whom she named Colina. But 3 years after Colina’s birth, Derek was plagued with the same illness Wallace suffered from and passed away.
Efie and Colina could pass up for twins although some differences are quite apparent. Efie was vibrant and cheerful. Her hair flows down to her shoulders and shimmers like gold under the sun. Her brown eyes speak of the naughty secrets she keeps but would not think twice about divulging them to anyone who cares enough to know. Colina, on the other hand, was always quiet, unsure and shy. But what she lacks for in self-expression is more than made up for by her astounding beauty. Colina’s hair was dark red, almost mahogany and her eyes were gentle green. She was younger than Efie by 5 years, and as it is with younger sisters, Colina tries extra hard to emulate Efie.
The sibling rivalry which now exists between the sisters was mainly due to how Fenella has treated them. Anyone could see how Fenella favors Efie over Colina. Fenella feels that Efie has become more and more like her
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