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Barlett, S. (2010). W [Introduction]. In Simply feng shui (pp. vii-ix). NY, US: Sterling.
Feng shui is about finding the positive energy and filling it around you. Whether its about the way you organize your house or the type of relationship you have with partner. Ancient Chinese people believed that nature and the world we live in is all connected by an energy called Ch 'i. Which was made up of two thing Feng and Shui.
Feng Shui: Its Impacts on the Asian Hospitality Industry. (1994). International Journal of
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Feng Shui originated in china and it used a lot for interior design. Lots of business use this to create balance and they think it will make the atmosphere more light and …show more content…

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A very large part in Chinese culture is the beleif that you will contain good or bad luck, whether its something you did or how you go on about life. Feng Shui helps dictate this belief and shows you how to get good luck. The four pillars of the aspects of your life can help you find more about yourself and how you can improve.
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Feng Shui believed to help you with family, relationships, and wealth. It is said to help improve the bad environment that could be wrongly affecting your wealth. So this magazine is saying that the more Feng Shui is used the more your wealth will benefit.
If you use the Feng Shui software it is said to give you better wealth.
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Feng Shui applies the yin and the yang to accommodate balance and it symbolizes heaven and healthy vibes. Yin gives attributes completely the opposite of Yang which creates the type of balance Feng Shui uses in relationships and such. In Feng shui everything can be considered yin and yang, the environment, the place we live and

spend the most time in. To achieve good Feng Shui you need to have a good concept

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