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My passion for service and leadership has grown through my involvement in FCCLA, Honor Society, and Spirit Club. I would love to expand my leadership skills by working with my fellow peers as a student body officer and grow my love for community service as the service representative. With 4 State Championship titles in swimming, I have learned that dedication and hard work and self-motivation will always help me reach my goals. Swimming has made a major impact in my life and I love every hard-working hour. My 5th State Title was not in swimming but in water polo my sophomore year when Cedar beat Park City. That experience was unique because of the closeness of the team and the experience of each of us working together toward a common goal. …show more content…

I believe being involved in service around town and in high school has taught me life-long skills that will continue to carry me …show more content…

Last year I participated in Dressember. A nationwide project to help raise awareness for human trafficking. Each day of December, participants wear a dress to help spread the word that human trafficking is a prevalent issue in today's society. I would like to host a fundraiser to help raise awareness and donate money to ending modern day slavery. Since we live in such a small town, it's hard to make an impact on the rest of the nation but by doing this project we can help make a difference, starting with our small high school. Another idea I have is to host a competition against sports in each season to raise money to donate to a cause of the teams choosing. By doing this, more people will get involved and each of the teams get to show support for a good cause. There’s so much room for myself and others to grow through being a part of such an amazing student body. Starting with making incoming freshman and students that may not have very many friends feel welcome and appreciated and going all the way to trying to make our world a better

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