Fibbonacci Equation

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The profit returned from a bet winning with odds of 2.618 is 1.618, which is the golden ratio. The golden ratio, denoted by $\phi$, is that if two quantities $a$ and $b$ satisfy the following expression: \begin{equation} \frac{a+b}{a}=\frac{a}{b}= \phi \end{equation} \vspace{12pt} The algerbraic form of the golden ration is given by: \begin{equation} \phi=\frac{1+\sqrt{5}}{2} \end{equation} \vspace{12pt} This is approximately 1.618. The further down the Fibbonacci sequence one goes, the closer the ratios of two successive numbers get to the value of the golden ratio. \vspace{12pt}

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