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Part 2 Project: The Office of Government Commerce (2010), states that a project is “a unique set of coordinated activities, with definite starting and finishing points, undertaken by an individual or team to meet specific objectives within defined time, cost and performance parameters.” The main characteristics of a project are: • It is distinctive • is a tool of variation, • has start and end date Project Management: Project management is the inspiration of all the aspects involved in it to reach the goals on time and to the stated cost, quality and performance. Project management has five processes which are used by almost all the Project Management Methodologies (Kerzner 2013). Initiation: It is the selection of the best…show more content…
There are various project management methodologies which can be used and that combines an approach with a set of project tools and guidelines. Some of them are made by software companies and consulting firms while others still use the public domain. The methodologies differ in rule and complexity. But almost all of them are built using the same principle. The project management methodology choice is less significant than the way it is used. The success of a project depends substantially on the skills and commitment of the people running it (Scottish Qualifications Authority 2007). There are different kinds of methodologies used for Project Management. Some of the Project Management used nowadays are • Adaptive Software Development (ASD) • Critical Path Method (CPM) • Feature Driven Development (FDD) • PRojects IN Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) • Project Cycle Management (PCM) • Rapid Application Development (RAD) • Small Project Management (SPM) There is no best methodology that works for all business ideas, types and industries. There are ways to decide which methodology is feasible and how to successfully apply it. While using methodologies, some factors like organizational strategic goals and values, key

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