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Objectives - MS Project 2010

* Understanding Project Scheduling * Introduction to Microsoft Project * Working with Project Tasks * Basic views, time scales and reports

Whether you are a project manager or not, project management techniques are extremely helpful in meeting goals and objects. Project management techniques define a path to a specified goal and then supervise the implementation.

MS Project can help you establish your initial plan as well as monitor progress. MS Project can quickly produce reports and other information that will help keep management, customers, and your project team informed. To get the most from MS Project, not only do you need to understand project management terminology,
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5. The Project Properties screen appears and the Summary tab should be selected.

6. In the Title box, type Maynard Furniture Company Project. 7. In the Subject box, type New System. 8. In the Author's and the Manager's box, type in your name. This information will be displayed on reports. In the Company box, enter MGMT404 followed by your professor’s name. Click OK.

9. Save the project as MyLab1a_XXX.mpp (where XXX are your initials). Basic Setup 1. Before we start entering data there are a few setup tasks we need to do. 2. The first is to change how MS Project Calculates the schedule. (We will explain this in week 5) 3. Go File, then Options. The Project Options window opens. 4. Select Schedule. The Project Options window now should be visible.

5. Under Scheduling options for this project check the box labeled "New tasks are effort driven"

6. Click OK to close the window. 7. Next, select the Gantt Chart Tools Format tab from the ribbon. Click the check box to show the tasks that will be on the Critical Path

8. Select the Task tab. With these settings we are ready to start entering data

Entering tasks

1. Click in the first field in the Task Name column. Type Inventory current equipment. 2. Press the tab key. The information is entered and the selection moves to the Duration column for task 1. (You may need to slide the divider to

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