Fifth Effect Essay

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The fifth effect can reduce stress, to which has a high health issue for full-time students who have to juggle full-time academic activities and working part-time. Income difference, paying off debt, picking up fewer hours, time management is all stressful consequences that can be turned into a positive outcome, if the suggested policy were implemented. According to Stanford University sleep study, the average sleep requirement for students is well over eight hours, and the majority of students would fall within the range of this value plus or minus one hour. If this amount is not obtained, a sleep debt is created, thus stress level begins to increase (William. Dement, 1997).

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Still, by promoting an update in the policy to fit today’s workforce, it can limit or perhaps eliminate the unfairness of the original policy exemption unintendedly create for full-time students.

Neutral effects
The impartial effect of this policy is the lack of knowledge and experience full-time students has with the existing exemption. Full-time students get caught up on the idea of getting a job and receiving an income that any income is better than no income and go on uneducated about the effects it may be contributing to their life. Therefore, they might not realize the difference in pay or benefits. As for those who would falls as full-time students but would feel neutral to this change in policy; would probably be under the categories that makes the State minimum wage already, get paid higher wage, is unlikely unaware that they may be affected by this policy if they apply elsewhere, or they don’t care to support the leveling of the two minimum wages because they have financial support elsewhere.

Negative effects
The negative aspect of raising Ohio Student Minimum Wage to even the State minimum wage is that employers can decrease some numbers of hiring students to work part-time, for they don't have as much incentive to hire students for discounted labor. Such adverse effect on the job market for students can make it tougher for students who are looking for a part-time job.

Another negative effect of leveling out the two- minimum wage is

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