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Rhetorical Context Topic: The Causes and Effects of Sleep Deprivation General Purpose: To inform Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the factors contributing to sleep deprivation and the effects of insufficient sleep. Audience: University students enrolled in the Art of Public Speaking course. Central Idea: Sufficient sleep is integral in the life of a university student and is directly related to academic performance. Therefore students should make a conscious effort to correct behaviours and habits that lead to poor sleep hygiene. Exigence: Sleep is a humored concept among university students as the pressures of academic assignments, examinations and social life often robs them of precious hours of sleep. As a result of unequal …show more content…

Credibility Statement: As a university student, I too have relied on all nighters to complete assignments and study for exams. I later realized that after these sleepless hours the assignments that I would review in the morning were consistently subpar to those completed on a rested day. Additionally, it lost its effects of a reliable study tool as I would often forget majority of what I studied during “all nighters” 3. Thesis Statement: Sleep Deprivation Robs University Students of Optimal Academic Performance and well being . 4. Reason to Listen: University students often rely on delaying sleep for academic pursuits without knowing that the instant gratification of completed assignments and exam preparations pales in comparison to the effects on the body. Students should listen to increase awareness on the impacts of sleep deprivation and moderate sleep patterns. 5. Preview of Main Points: 1. First, I will discuss sleep, the sleep cycle and its …show more content…

2.4 The university student living on residential halls are subjected to many activities or conditions disrupting sleep. Increased social activity levels parties, functions campus activities can lead to a disruption and ultimately loss of sleep. 2.5 The commuting student living in areas of civil unrest is also subject to sleep deprivation. According to studies “In disadvantaged neighborhoods, for example, local violence causes individuals to fear for their safety. This can lead to hyper aroused, which makes it harder to fall asleep and reduces sleep quantity and quality” (Hale & Bonuck, 2016) . Transition: We can all attest to that assignment, due on the 24th and we toiled through the night of the 23rd to complete it. These factors have become the normative patterns for us university students. 3.1. Sleep deprivation is directly correlated to poor academic behaviours and or

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