Fig 5.4 : Price Shareholders Of Hainan

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Fig 5.4: Price Shareholders of Hainan in 2014 When considering in the Hainan Airways. This company’s shares prices in the first different periods in 2013-7 ten days observer and the second in 2014-2 ten days also. We Note that the stock prices at the beginning of the month of July have been recorded at the opening price of 2.02 and 2.04 while the price of the company 's prices was in 2014 at the beginning of February at a price of 1.84 opening and closing price of 1.85. After studying the reasons for the low stock prices turned out to be one of the factors are instrumental to the loss value 0.18 Yuan to the opening price and 0.19 to the price of closing is the survival of high fuel prices, fuel prices were recorded in July of 2013 at $…show more content…
Fig 5.5 and Fig 5.6 shows the swing share prices Southern Company for the period in 5.4 Analysis Hedging Airlines Listed in China In a big country in the world like china Airline company carriers, have an important loss for 2008 after bad fuel price upset reached to the of 6.2 billion Yuan. Airline company faced cash loss from fuel price was $14.15 million in 2008 in actually. These firms are facing a broad crisis industry. It is expected that the firms of airlines Company will pain important operating losses in the second half of 2008. The government of China is paid about 7 million Yuan into the airline carrier and other carriers, to aid them through the crisis. In this financial crisis is thrown important question is that hedge titled large or small to airlines. Aviation Cost Risk management provide a unique model allowing for a main test the value of shareholders in fluctuation price oil and reflection that on airlines stock holders risk management using the hedging that an expect the implications of rising or low jet fuel prices related to cash flows, and finance is positively correlated to the level of costs jet fuel in this kind of industry the reason for that costs expensive operating jet fuel have a huge part of expensive operate airplanes company . The hedge provides a chance to buy assets through finance at the low price of oil. This
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