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This movie is mainly about a narrators search for meaning and the fight to find freedom from a meaningless way of life. It setting is in suburbia, an abandoned house located in a major large city. Ed Norton, plays the nameless narrator, Brad Pitt, is Tyler Dunden, and Helena Boaham Carter is Marla Singer, the three main characters. David Fincher directs this film in 1999, which adapted it from the novel written by Chuck Palahnuik. It begins depicting Edward Norton, the narrator, working for an insurance company as a representative, who produces evidence for recalling automobiles. He lives in a 15 story, glass front condominium, with the best expensive furniture, designer clothes and a totally empty way of life. Society has yet to …show more content…

The narrator undergoes a complete personality makeover when Tyler emerges. When they first meet, the narrator thinks Tyler has a soap making business, and works as banquet server until he gets his business off the ground. The narrator is a more laid-back, average sort of man and Tyler is an aggressive outgoing, confident, attractive man, with out fear. He is everything the narrator would like to be. The first event that leads us into this plot, is that after meeting Tyler the very first day the narrator?s condo is bombed, he ends up with nothing and nowhere to live. He calls Marla then changes his mind and moves into what he thinks is Tyler?s House. This house should have been torn down because the electricity and leaky plumbing do not work correctly, and it has a dirty water problem in the basement. This abandoned house is a real sight and the total opposite of his former life conditions. The narrator goes from riches to rags so to speak and it leads the audience into believing the rest of this story. The narrators shattered reality continues, and gets the audience ready for the next chain of events. Tyler is so aggressive and gets the narrator to hit him and the secret society of the Fight Club begins. This club creates a means to escape the reality of every day life, and a society controlled by consumerism. These male participants in the secret club want to feel alive again and use fighting as mans to achieve their

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