Film Analysis: And Soon The Darkness

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One movie is And Soon the Darkness starring Amber Heard and Odette yustman. The movie starts off with two women in another country, that goes bicycling. They end up missing their bus to get back to where their from. Soon after the girls get separated and one of them goes missing. Her friend goes through a lot to find her. Once she does she realizes that her friend was being traded for the sex trade. The kidnapped friend ends up dying in the movie, so the traffickers was going to force her to take her friends place in the trade. The movie shows the environment of what the sex slaves go through on a daily basis. There was torture famine and just a lot of inhumane things that the young woman was struggling with. The background of sex trafficking …show more content…

It started with the organization named GEMS. Gems is a club and organization operated in local churches and Christian areas around the U.S and in Canada. Their mission is to bring girls everywhere into a living and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ. Gems is somewhat similar to the Big Sisters program around the U.S. They give out their open arms to girls from different backgrounds. Most being sex trafficking victims, they Inspire and train groups of women to mentor the next generation. The Gems organization is defined in Titus 2 (doing good for the sake of gospel). Their plan is to grow women closer to God, so overall it's an active Gateway for troubled women who are looking for help through a religious aspect. The numerous organizations help specifically sex trafficking victims has grown tremendously in the past 2014 year. A few of these organizations are large or well-known,”either they work from Grassroots level promoting awareness or even advocating for change in the communities they're needed the most”says Natalie Jesionka (an advocate of human trafficking). She discusses the complex issue of sex trafficking in the first installment of her book Human trafficking the myths and realities.During large sporting events such as the Superbowl or the World Cup has the record of the world's largest sex trafficking area.The Red Carpet Project has been assembled to stop sex trades at sporting events. The belief that trafficking will increase to meet the demands from the influx of tourists, the Red Carpet project mobilizes students from all around the world to do powerful yet striking and condemnation of human trafficking at these types of events. The Empower Foundation is somewhat different from the Red Carpet project. They are supporting the issue of choice they believe not all who work in the sex industry is forced, some do so by choice.

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