Film Analysis Of Baz Luhrmann's Romeo And Juliet

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As one of the most monumental anniversaries of all time approaches, it is only right that we revisit the work of one of the most inspirational people of all time. Obviously, this means William Shakespeare, right? Not quite. Although Shakespeare to some is the godfather of literature, he can also be seen as the godfather of boredom. That is why it has been decided to review a different type of Shakespearean play. 400 years ago marks the death of William Shakespeare, and while his worth is still regarded among older generations, it does not have quite the same effect on the younger. That is until Baz Luhrmann graced the silver screens with his youthful and lively interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. The 1996 version set in a modern-day America has enraptured and educated a whole new generation of young people for the past 21 years and promises to continue to stand the test of time. So what makes Romeo + Juliet so good?

For anyone that has seen this film, it goes without saying that what Baz Luhrmann has created is stunningly beautiful. With elements such as music, sound and editing, not to mention the mis-en-scene that shapes the film and the actors’ performance to corroborate it, this is not just any ordinary movie. Romeo + Juliet has the opportunity to transform and take viewers to another world right from the moment they press play.
From the very beginning the film presents itself as a visual and audio feast your senses. As the opening scenes take place, director Baz

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