Analysis of Rick Grimes Actions in the Walking Dead Essay

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"Disoriented", the one word Rick Grimes uses to describe the moments he has been through before reuniting with his family. In a world driven into a apocalypse, filled with the undead and anarchy, everyone's will and faith are tested. One will either be changed for worst or for the better. This essay will analyze the actions of Rick Grimes, present my ideas if I were in Ricks position, and to answer for the actions of one more character. Both Rick Grimes and his actions are moral and unselfish. Rather than being self-centered, Rick puts his life on the line to protect the group and his family with the best of his ability. The well-intentioned actions and selfless motives of Rick is evident in these three examples. In the early events of …show more content…

This rescue maybe an example of Rick's selfish way of redeeming himself and leaving his family, but Rick grasp this moment, with the intention of retrieving the bag guns as well. With more ammunition and weapons brought back to their camp, the higher their chances of surviving will be. Unfortunately, a group of Latino gang members beat down Daryl and abduct Glen to their hideout. Rick and the others also take one of the gang members. This leads to a confrontation with the gang leader who proposes a trade off, Glen for their captured member, together with Rick's bag of guns. Instead of leaving Glen, Rick chooses to accept the deal. He remembers the time in the tank, where Glen radioed him a path out from the horde of walkers. Glen could have left Rick to die out there, but he choose to rescue him. Again, Rick chooses to act unselfishly. Rick, together with T-Dog and Daryl head back to rescue Glen, even if the trade off might end in a shootout. Once, a former police officer, Rick's choices and decisions does get influenced by such a role. Like the three examples earlier, Rick has taken a police officer's duty of serving the community, sacrificing himself for the protection of others, and to work as one unit in a struggle into this dangerous world. Sympathizing for Merle, risking it all for Glen, and brining together this group prove to show the shadow of a police officer still resides with Rick in this apocalyptic atmosphere. As

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