Film Analysis Of Martin Scorsese And Conselke's Shutter Island

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While both Martin Scorsese & Gore Verbinski share a similar telling of mental illness, and the hospitals the patients confined in Scorsese's direction of sound, cinematography, and editing in his film "Shutter Island" is drastically different from verbinski'sA Cure for Wellness."
When it comes to sound both film’s carry a singular theme song that plays out across duration of each films run time. However, Scorsese manages to make his leading song more impactful. Using Gustav Mahler, a composer whose music is not something that a general audience will be familiar with thus not having a preexisting emotional reaction. (Reeb, the Artifice) Scorsese uses Mahler music to manipulate the audience. During the scene in which Daniels and his …show more content…

Again, the music becomes diegetic as we are given another shot signifying that song is being played in the real world of the film via a record player inside of office of dying Nazi officer. The long-drawn-out notes convey sense of longing or love (Reeb) which works in this context. As Daniels stands over the dying officer and documents fall around him we feel his discomfort. Like Reeb states the slower tempo, along with the passion with which the notes are played, indicate a type of longing. Everything from the prisoners longing for their freedom from the camps, the officer longing for freedom from death, and Daniels longing for the family that he lost. This song sticks with him over the entire film. Acting as the key to all his memories and the life left behind. The singular theme song for Verbiniski's "A Cure for Wellness" takes on a greatly impactful but less meaning route. In the very first scene of the film we are presented with Benjamin Wallfisch "Hannah & Volmer". The song is non-diegetic at this point simply plays righter a man mysteriously dies one night in his office. The humming of a young girl provides sense of wonder almost like a fairy tale but the slow tempo of the piano keys playing behind her contrast this. The keys create sense of mystery sense of uncomfortable darkness that will soon be reviled. Even though this song foreshadows the theme of this film it leaves a lesser meaning and

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