Analysis of Shutter Island Essay

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Analysis of Shutter Island

Analysis of Shutter Island
Kenneth E. Wiley Sr.
Core Assessment Paper-Abnormal Psychology –PS 401
March 3, 2011

Shutter Island is a film depicting several of the many facets of Abnormal Psychology as defined and studied over the course of this term. Several of the concepts discussed in our lectures and demonstrated during our classroom time were evident and vividly depicted in the film including personality disorders past and present; stress and anxiety disorders; psychosis, and mood disorders. There were others subtly displayed in the film however, these listed were of primary focus and coincidence most closely with our study this term. While focusing more on the abnormal, Shutter Island …show more content…

So, if parents or guardians are spending less time with children, who or what is teaching them right from wrong?
Like previous generations today's youth are greatly influenced by what they see and hear. Outside of parents or legal guardians, the big screen, television, music, and peers have the greatest influence over young people today. What is being communicated to our youth falls short on doses of old-fashioned morals and values.
Analysis on Family Morals in the 21st Century
Now, here is where things get a little complicated. Because as "free moral agents" we each have a right to decide what has value or merit in our lives and our environment could very well determine how our value system is formed. Boston University professor and social scientist Glenn Loury raises some critical issues in his essay "Values and Judgments: Creating Social Incentives for Good Behavior." He claims there are underlying factors that lie at the root of behavior. This is particularly true when we examine dysfunctional behavior.
Dysfunctional behavior is thought to be more prevalent in impoverished communities. Some debate that a common dysfunctional correlation exists among individuals whether they live in poor, middle, or upper class communities. It appears dysfunctional behavior is not limited to one particular segment of our population. If the ground is fertile

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