Film Analysis : Pixar 's Animation

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A Computerized-Generated imagery, or CGI, animated feature film is an artistic outlet for many creative minds to produce a motion picture with limitless possibilities. It is a world where a creator’s visions are brought to life and is only bounded by their imagination. In order to capture the audience in the world of animation, producers of such films often release enchanting film posters. Pixar’s CGI-animated feature film Finding Dory is an example of how an animation under one of the largest and most widely known entertainment brand, the Walt Disney Company or more commonly known as Disney, boomed worldwide with its use of advertisement through movie posters being presented in theaters, Disney theme parks, magazines, and stores.…show more content…
The use of innovate colors is one of the key aspect in marketing the Finding Dory film poster. Many advertisers often struggle with finding an exceptional color scheme that captivates the audience. In a study titled Exciting Red and Competent Blue, researchers found that “purchasing intent is greatly affected by colors due to their effect on how a brand is perceived; colors influence how customers view the ‘personality’ of the brand in question” (Ciotti). In the film poster provided, it is apparent that the color scheme involves blues, greens, yellow, white, and purple. Deconstructive analysis of each color is necessary to see how colors effect the audience’s perception. The most obvious color we see in the film poster is blue. The hues of blue of the ocean background immediately draw us into the poster, and also provide a sense of “tranquility and calmness” (“The Meaning of Colors”). According to multiple studies, the color blue is often accepted among males partly due to its associated as a masculine color (“Color Meaning”). Blue is an excellent color in order to appeal to males, even though the protagonist is a blue tang female named Dory. Hence, the color blue helps the audience appeal to not only females, but to males as well. Another color that is present in the film poster is green. Green is a natural earth tone color that is associated with peaceful tendencies, such as growth, hope, and safety (“Color
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